4D workshops – empowering staff and inspiring pupils


This week we’ve been running creative workshops and staff training with a number of schools to enable inspiration and creativity.

At 4D we work hard to ensure that each of our schools get the very best from their immersive space and can create memorable, inspirational learning experiences. This may start as basic technical training on our 4D create software but also includes best practices for planning immersive lessons and how den making can enhance a space even further.

This week the 4D team have:

  • Visited our first ever immersive space to upgrade their computer system to the new 4D create software and trained new staff on using the immersive space.
  • Spent two days with Bowlee Park Primary looking at their recently installed immersive space and how combining low tech with high tech through den making can inspire young minds. The feedback has been fantastic and staff were amazed at the impact on their pupils engagement and vocabulary.
  • Run a 4D Pop Up workshop at Brentwood School to showcase how our portable immersive space can be used for pupils of all ages and abilities.

Explore our training experiences further with our photo gallery:

If you’d like a den making workshop at your school or want to find out how immersive learning could raise engagement and achievement at your school, contact the 4D team.

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