Secondary Schools

Every 4D space comes with a library of immersive themes, but it’s quick and simple to create and upload you own allowing you to be as creative as you want to be!

Interplanetary Tour

How would we get to the moon and beyond? Discuss acceleration, gravity and atmosphere before jetting off to the moon. Looking down on the earth from space, write a broadcast to share with the rest of the world on global warming.

Curriculum Links: Geography, Science, Maths, English

Maps of the World

Navigate a giant map to travel to new worlds and places.

Now you’ve arrived, what can you see, what’s new and different, use grids and references to get home again. Design your own maps and write journals to show places you’ve visited.

Curriculum Links: Geography, Maths

I have a dream

Travel back in time to 1960s America, a nation divided. Martin Luther King is about to give a speech in Washington DC.

Listen to the speech and the roar of the crowd around you. Why are so many people here? How does it feel in the crowd? What happens next?

Curriculum Links: History, English

WWII – Concentration camP

You’re standing in front of a concentration camp, miles from home after being separated from your family. How do you feel? What circumstances have led to you being here?

Curriculum Links: History, English

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