Manchester Communication Academy Content Project 3


Our ongoing project with Manchester Communication Academy is reaching it’s final weeks so we visited the Academy to catch up on their progress.

Gav, our teaching and learning associate, met with the pupils to take them through the review stage of their content creation. This is a vital stage in creating immersive themes as it’s when key tweaks can take place. Gav gave the class some quick tips on sourcing higher quality images and working with iMovie to create outstanding content. These little tweaks will take the pupils already high standard of work to the next level.

It was great to meet the class again and hear them enthusiastically explain the content they have produced so far. The module is all about creating aspirational and motivating themes and the pupils have sourced lots of fantastic images to create some powerful  images in Photoshop and iMovie. From Olympic hero Jessica Ennis  to inspirational leader Martin Luther King, the classes work is full of dramatic photos and motivational quotes.

The pupils will be presenting their work in a couple of weeks and members of the 4D team will be visting the Academy to see the finished content. Following the completion of the project, the school will be writing a full case study and there will be a full write up on our website. 

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