Ten reasons why an immersive space will transform your sensory room!

Newfield School - Sensory space

Lots of schools we work with replace their sensory room with an immersive space. The combination of light, sound and projection all run through a tablet device is ideal for calming sensory activities, fun physio sessions and curriculum based learning too.

If you’re looking for a fresh, creative approach to a sensory room, here’s ten reasons why you need to talk to 4D!

 1. Curriculum focused…with a wide range of preloaded content, the immersive space can be used to teach lessons for all key stages

2. Inclusive…pupils of all ages and abilities can learn and interact in an exciting, creative environment

3. Instantly change…your environment to react to the needs and engagement of your pupils

4. Control…your entire space through tablet devices and wireless switches for captivating hands on learning

 5. Built to last… only the best quality kit is used in our installations so you can be confident that your space is built to last

6. Future proofed…images, videos, sounds and lighting can all be customised for every session. New content is quick and simple to upload.

7. Interactive and fun…splash in virtual water, reveal hidden images or trigger sound effects for an active, physio session

8. Socialisation…from a trip to the shop to a job interview, practice real life situations in a safe, friendly environment

9. Cause and effect…use assistive touch technologies to control the entire space

10. Simple to use…a press of a touchscreen changes light, sound and projection instantly

Want to find out more? We recently made a video with Hebden Green School to show how they use their immersive space:

Inspirational Immersive Learning at Hebden Green School from 4d creative on Vimeo.

If you’d like some more information or for us to come and see what we can do with your sensory room, just get in touch via our contact page. 



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