Sedgemoor Care Home – Case Study

The aim of this new building in Liverpool was to create a model for dementia friendly design through an open and welcoming environment. The whole building showcased a relaxed and open design to create an open plan, naturally lit space designed to create a calming atmosphere. The new project is one of the first in the North West to use modern research to combine a range of services and support under one roof for those people with dementia. 

As part of this new facility, the architects requested an interactive immersive space for the residents of Sedgemoor. They were won over by 4D Immersive’s fresh approach to dementia care and our use of immersive spaces. The team wanted to incorporate new and engaging technologies for innovative work with those people with dementia. Finally this space needed to work as a more traditional lounge space for residents so needed flexibility in the design work.

Once the installation was complete, the extensive training package enabled staff to utilise the new technology to create immersive environments that could calm and create conversations.

The projection,lighting and sound is used to reminisce, share stories and interact.

  • people respond creatively to stimuli
  • people recount stories from their lives
  • participants listen to each other- people being listened to with acceptance
  • people with dementia and their carers experience a sense of “being normal

Another key area to look at was the images, video and sounds being used in the space. Each immersive theme was developed to give staff engaging topics and talking points.

The sessions run in the space give time for participants to respond to the themes and share memories from their lives. If a conversation takes a new direction, staff are able to source and upload images and video to keep the session flowing. As new people join the ward, staff are able to respond with images and themes that are bespoke for each individual.

“Sedgemore  has recently won a prestigious design award (best care complex UK) in the Pinder Design Awards, which are regarded as the ‘Oscars’ of the care home sector.
I have no doubt that the inclusion of our 4D interactive space was a major contributing factor in the judge’s decision to honour us with this accolade.
This innovative space has become an integral part of the care delivered by the centre and has proved successful beyond what we considered to be our original remit.
The more we use and become familiar with its application the more we understand what a creative tool in can be for dementia sufferers especially in regard to personalisation. Individual content can be uploaded and used as a very effective memory tool. It can be used to support memory or provide a shared experience for the user, family friends and cares.
It can provide a calming environment or be stimulating depending on the circumstances. All this is achieved through a plethora of effects that stimulate the senses – colour, sound, music, voices, images – the only limit is our imagination.
Moments of memory lucidity can be captured and instantaneously projected in sound and vision in the 4D room as a result of the latest technology that draws from an inexhaustible bank of visual and sound information.
This product has transformed the lives of the people using it both clients and staff alike. I cannot recommend it highly enough

Joy McDonnell – Liverpool City Council.

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