4D Exchange II


We held our second 4D exchange recently and once again it was a session packed full of discussion and great tips on working in an immersive space.

4D exchange is a chance for practitioners working in one of our spaces to share ideas, learn advance use of our software and network with other schools.

It was great to welcome a range of schools to 4D Exchange II and it made for a lively and enjoyable afternoon. We started with the Technical Champions session where our development manager Nick shared lots of really helpful tips. The session on setting bespoke lighting states was particularly appreciated and gave guests new ways of creating the perfect atmosphere for their lessons. Practitioners also had a chance to ask more specific questions about their own spaces for some quick tips on using our software.

Following this, our Teaching and Learning Associate Gav lead the Creative Champions session. This section of the afternoon is all about sharing teaching ideas and resources. Gav spends lots of time working with our content creation teams so shared lots of advice on how to create outstanding images, videos and soundscapes.

It was fascinating to hear practitioners sharing their own ideas on how they use their immersive space. Newfield School have recently been using their space to learn about the industrial revolution. This features giant images of factories, the sounds of people working and, for a special treat, the pupils got the chance to taste some authentic gruel! It’s also great to hear how pupils are using the interactive floor as part of their learning but also to met physical targets at the same time.

We must say a big thanks to Orford Park Jubilee Centre for hosting 4D Exchange and providing us with a great setting for our afternoon of discussion.

Our third 4D exchange for the summer term will be announced in the coming weeks so keep your eyes on our website, newsletter and Twitter page for the latest news.

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