The brand new 4D creative content collection!

The power and flexibility of 4D Immersive Spaces is created by lighting, sound and projection. Outstanding immersive lessons need carefully curated content and every 4D Immersive Space starts with a bank of content that can teach lessons right across the curriculum.

We have recently worked with a team of creative and passionate freelancers who have developed a brand new library of content for our spaces. Images have been transformed, lighting states programmed and whole scores of music written.

One of our team, Tony Carberry, filmed this video showing some of his content creations which you can see below. Tony made us an enchanted forest, futuristic world and crashing waves theme amongst many others.

[media url=”″ width=”600″ height=”400″]

Of course, once a 4D Immersive Space is up and running, the power to create content is open to everyone! Teachers and pupils alike can source images or create new themes using cameras, phones and recording equipment. Putting pupils in charge of their lessons like this, raises engagement and pushes creativity.

If you’d like to come and see what content we use in our spaces or how you can programme outstanding transformational lessons, then just get in touch.

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