4D Exchange – February 2013

After the success of the first event, we are happy to announce our next 4D exchange.

This workshop style session is designed to help our network of schools get the most from their immersive spaces. We know that our immersive environments work best with a passionate and inspired staff and we hope that 4D exchange can help practitioners find new ideas and best practices to take back to their own settings. This is also a great time to ask questions to the 4D staff and other teachers working in an immersive environment. 

To help facilitate this continuous improvement, our second 4D exchange will be based around the following sessions.

1- 2pm – Tech champions session

Our development manager Nick will lead this session to help answer some typical technical questions. Whilst our software is quick and easy to learn, a 4D space has a complex hardware setup working to create the immersive environments. By equipping practitioners with basic information, we hope schools will get the best from their space all year round.

Nick plans to cover the following areas though of course, questions are encouraged!

Turning system on and off properly and diagnosing hardware issues
What happens when lights/sound/video doesn’t turn on or off.
No signal from a projector.
Processes to identify whether kit is faulty or just needs minor tweaks.
The back of the computer rack. It’s not that scary!
No image on touchscreen on startup or BIOS screen.

Controlling sound levels
Fine tuning Advis, 4D create, MP3 player volumes.
Adjusting the amplifier to suit.
Switching between inputs.
Operating extra audio kit such as radio microphones.

Creating new lighting scenes
Custom light scenes and overview of how the lights are programmed.
How some lights often have two functions (ie, both colour wash and house lights)

2 – 2.30pm – Networking, teas, coffees, etc…

2.30 – 4pm – Creative champions session 

Our teaching and learning expert Gav will be leading the session covering content creation techniques outside of 4D create and sharing some top tips on using found materials to make a space within your space.

There will also be lots of opportunity to share ideas and themes. If you or your pupils have made an exciting piece of content, please bring it to the session so it can be shared with other schools.

We are also happy to let attendees steer the session to other areas they may need help with, feel free to send us an email in advance and we can add this to the agenda.


Date: February 27th

Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub
Jubilee Way

The centre is just behind the Decathlon off Winwick Road. There is lots of parking available.

To book, please send an email to hello@4dcreative.co.uk or fill out the form below. Attendees are welcome to attend one or both sessions. 

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