4D Support – Zendesk

Your first point of call for questions or issues regarding your 4D immersive space. If you experience an issue with your space or require support with a function of the software or hardware, your first point of call should be the 4D immersive Zendesk.

Here you can consult troubleshooting information, access user manuals and submit a request to our servicing team.

  • Submit a request: Click here to report an issue to the 4D team
  • My activities: User profile where you can track the status of your requests, follow articles and get a history of your comments once you have signed in.
  • Troubleshooting: Searchable database of help articles for troubleshooting and common problems.
  • Information & FAQs: Includes user guides for all hardware components

Submitting a Request

If you cannot find a solution in either of these places please click on ‘SUBMIT A REQUEST’ and fill in the form as follows:

SUBJECT – A very brief description of your issue or question.

DESCRIPTION – If reporting an issue please include:

  • What happened
  • The cause if known
  • What was happening before the issue began (this will help us to identify the cause)
  • The type of error message that appeared if applicable
  • Anything you have done to try and fix it.
  • If this error is preventing you from using the space.


If at all possible please send us a screen shot of your error message or a picture of your space of the fault as this will help us to resolve your query more quickly.


In order to track your request create an account on zendesk.

Once you have submitted a request you will receive an email to confirm this and where you can add additional comments if needed.

To then track your request go to Zendesk, click on SIGN IN and then “Get a password”. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Once you have created a password and logged in click on MY ACTIVITIES to track your request, view your comments and your favourite articles.

Click on the request to see all correspondence, send an additional message to the 4D team or attach additional files.

If you require any further assistance please contact the 4D team on 0844 414 2595.